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Studio sessions on electric bass (Music Man)
Charge: £20.00 per hour plus expenses

I am also available for live gigs, improvised music events, collaborations, music and sound for art installations.

Contact me for charges for this type of service

I have played a variety of styles, not only on electric bass but also working with digital sound, improvisation and new music, both in live and studio situations.

I have collaborated with musicians such as Tom Chant (Cinematic Orchestra), Dave Howard (The Dave Howard Singers), Keith Levene (PIL); Daniel T Howard (Cinematic Orchestra, Soma Soma); Ray, Kevin and Tony (Spiritualized); John Hamilton (Ligament), Steve Higgins (Karma Kanix); Pete Doghety (Levitation); Lin Sangster (Kit, Send No Flowers, Bad Anorak 404); Sally Young (UT).

Anand Gary (Subs)
6 Grenville Road, Islington, London N19 4EH
Tel: 020 7281 0720 Mob: 07855 605 106