My new CD out this month!

Title: the sound of one door closing

Sound Sources: environmental sounds, electric bass guitar, 78 rpm records, shortwave radio, Kaoss pad, Casio SK1 keyboard, Pro-tools

Price: 7 English Pounds inc postage and packing.

To order your copy please see below

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Birds with Ears Crag Transient Frequencies
Zephyr Dead Rat A day in July
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TO ORDER YOUR CD: Please note that at the moment the CD is available to UK residents only. Payment is by personal cheque or postal order payable to Mr Anand Gary.

Amount: 7 English Pounds including postage and packing

Please send payment to 6 Grenville Road, Islington, London N19 4EH.
Include your name and address and email so that I can let you know that your payment has been received and that your CD has been posted.
Please email me if you have any questions:


Anand Gary (Subs)
6 Grenville Road, Islington, London N19 4EH
Tel: 020 7281 0720 Mob: 07855 605 106