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Subs playing bass with his new R&B band, The Velours, at the Green Note in Camden. The Velours have a regular slot at the Green Note on the second Wednesday of each month.

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Subs is seen here playing bass with Mecca, a London based band, who later toured the USSR twice in 1992 - 1994. Mecca released two albums: Carbon and Mysteries of Allah. Subs went on to record two albums with Mecca.


Subs playing with his band Karma Kanix, London, 1991. The Karma Kanix toured the festivals (Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Rougham Tree Fayre) during the late 70s and early 80s. We were well known for our improvisation and general mayhem! The band comprised Rob Bougie on drums (Here and Now), Steve Higgins on guitar (Gong), Twink on synthesiser (Hawkwind), Maz on keyoards (Zorch) and myself on bass.


Karma Kanix, UK, in the early days

Catharsis, Brighton, 1986. After leaving Karma Kanix I moved to Brighton and formed the band Catharsis with Chris Williams on guitar and Melvin on drums. We were influenced by the bands: Gang of Four, Magazine, PIL and played improvised avant-rock.


In 1991 I joined the band Mecca. We toured throughout Europe and the former USSR with The Shamen and Nitzer Ebb. We scored a top twenty hit with the single Civil Kong Smasher. We were little understood in the UK which led to our demise.

The band comprised Kevin Taylor (Guitar), Nick Hobbs (Vocals), Daniel T Howard (Drums), and myself on bass.

Mecca on tour in Russia: Kevin, Subs, Nick and Daniel
The Dave Howard Singers on tour in France, 1992
Dave Howard (Keyboard, Vocals, Song Writer), Daniel T Howard (Drums), myself (Bass)
Mung, John Hamilton (Drums), Pete Docherty (Guitar and Vocals), myself (Bass), London 1993. Mung played extensively throughout London but unfortunately did not go much further... We recorded two albums. John Hamilton went on to join the band Part Chimp
Subs pulling a train while on tour with Mecca in Russia
Subs playing bass with Mecca on tour in Russia in Moscow

My first band, London, 1970. This was my first gig in the living room of my parents house in Barking. While we played, my dad stuffed cotton wool in his ears and watched the tv with the sound down. We did tracks such as: The Hob Goblin, Pickled Egg, Flaming Tom Tom and Cramp, all made famous on our first cassette release entitled My Home is my Doormat. Now become a collectors item.

Anand Gary (Subs)
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