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documents sent from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Carla Cryptic
Berkeley, California

Melissa Shatto - My Son

Stephanie Rose Bird sent in excerpts of her stories"Ambling down the path, boxes and bags held snug, visions of a new home in the distance offset my balance causing a pause ..."

"Mirror, Mirror"

an excerpt of a story from Stephen Mead

Ron Concoma, Florida

a story from Ron Concoma who lives in Florida


Dewitt Young, Florida

Dewitt Young sends us an image from his home in Illinois

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Dewitt Young (see above) sends us another document this one is one of his "Flop Caps" from the Cyberdada series...


buZ blurr, who lives in Arizona, went on a 5,600 mile trip to California, Oregon and Washington - these are some of the people he met along the way...


what makes me feel at home? (asks Helen Levin in New York)


A Document from Bob Dombrowski in New York City

Marianne Romeo

Marianne Romeo sends us some leaves from her early morning walk in Florida

a postcard from Mick Mather in New York

from Dan Buch, Armour
Some mail art from Dan Buch


From Mountain View, California - Jovani -

"It's where I grew up - the photo is about my family life...."

Andrei Rabodzeenko - Chicago panorama


A card and cartoons from Scott Thomas who lives in Kentucky, USA






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