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Ruth Catlow - London

Ruth is a film maker, installation artist and internet artist, amongst many other things....

"I have really enjoyed looking at the images and texts on the journeyweb project.

I am always touched by peoples' everyday observations about their surroundings....I would like to submit two films"

(Ruth Catlow, August 2002)


link to Ruth's films

'Exotic -Responsibility is Yours'

This short film was shot in September 2001. It reflects on the confusions and difficulties of finding a position of informed responsibility for the embattled state of the world, in a fractured community. Shot around Walthamstow market (the oldest and longest market in London) I shift my own identity by imagining myself behind the eyes of my Muslim women neighbours. The film ends with a Sufi fable about exotic fruit, subjectivity, perspective and context.


link to Ruth's films

'In the Winter Months'

This short film was shot over Christmas time and is about seeing shamanistic hedonism and animism in my local, Walthamstow, shopping centre. A gold reindeer, a Christmas decoration rocking on its hanger in Poundstretchers and a boy's primal scream from the seat of a Tesco's shopping trolley are set against the surreal telling of a Finish hallucinogenic ritual involving the drinking of reindeer urine.
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