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The Museum of Temporary Art The Museum of Temporary Art - an ongoing project whereby you donate objects to the Museum
Share your dreams with others in image form on the Sito Dream project
The Journeyweb project is proud to be in the ArtBase of Rhizome.org - a New York based new media website showcasing the latest in new media and internet projects from around the globe

Martin Gantman's project : See you when you get home - Martin also shows other interesting projects on his site.



Follow specific instructions by an artist and carry out a project:

e-flux (Electronic Flux Corporation) is a New York-based artist-run company dedicated to worldwide distribution of information for contemporary visual arts institutions via the Internet. Established in 1998, e-flux has built a readership of more than 33,000 international visual arts professionals and a client base of some of the most vital contemporary art galleries, museums and publications.


many web based projects at: http://www.stunned.org

Found Art - very interesting interactive web project

Interractive net art project: http://www.sito.org/synergy/

Shared Drawing - interractive website inviting surfers to contribute to the drawings, or view those in the gallery
Domestic Idols - Ruth Catlow
Visit the living room, the study, the hallway and other various homely environments in this new erotic, interactive artwork by Ruth Catlow using pipe cleaners as raw art material. Expect to witness an intuitive sense of playfulness in various domestic settings. Accompanied by sounds & noises by the Internet mystery band ‘Ouch Those Monkeys’. Sex is the subject matter here, wrapped with an intimacy that dips into a realm of visualized mutual pleasures for all to enjoy and share. http://www.furtherfield.org/rcatlow/domestic_idols

Where did all this rubbish come from?

a web based project to do with found objects ...

"Whilst walking along Oxford Road in Manchester, England, I picked up a penny as I always do. This time, though, I thought about the coin for quite some time; I decided it was time to somehow log my findings. The things that people drop or throw away began to fascinate me and, the more I collected, the more interesting it became. Some people would call these 'found objects', but I consider them to be lost objects:things that have a value to someone, and are therefore precious" ... visit the site..


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