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"Alcune Ore: a raining morning on the way to the office"

a document from Linda Pelati who lives in the city of Milan, Italy

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Dear Gandha, My document concerns my daily life to the office and often it is made without thinking about it or reading a book. The journey takes less than half an hour but it represents the beginning of a sad day, an empty handful of useless hours spent at a desk passing around paper for a public administration department.

So, I decided to take these photographs without looking through the camera viewer to give an idea of the journey. The first photograph of the breakfast table is a big wound, my beloved cat, Camelia, died on August 4th of renal disease. The photograph of Piazza Cadorno shows the work of Claes Oldenburg "needle and thread".

So, love, communication and art have left a small track in my blurred and hurried photo documentation, I hope.

I hope you will love it. I hope you will see this precious solitude that always keeps company with us and is never noticed outside....

Linda Pelati