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Jovani, Mountain View, California, USA

I live in Mountain View, California.

This image is actually where I used to live. It is the most important place I've been, (to date) in my life. Where I grew up.

It's only a few miles from where I now live.

I have since painted on the photograph, and added more of my personal feelings to it. The photo is about my family life. That it couldn't be further from the way I feel the rest of the world lives, hence the title, "This ain't Morocco."

It warms my heart, and puts me in touch with my roots, that are so very important to me. Being in a household with 9 other siblings, living a life of utter chaos and freedom. If it was too hot out, we ate our dinner's on the driveway, drug the couch out, and plugged in the Tv. It was our microcosm, in as much as everyone who lives wherever they live, is in their own microcosm.

This is what makes your project so lovely. Connecting all these small microcosm's to each other, creating the larger macrocosm"


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