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Introduction to the project:

Project title : <from my house/to yours> : the journeyweb

Project theme: What makes us feel at home?

Dates: This project started in 2002 and continues through 2008 !!...who knows when it will end?

This project invites people from around the world to answer this question and share, with you and me, something about where we live:

our home, neighbourhood, local shops, people, friends, history, stories, etc.

This project started when the project curator, Gandha Key, moved house last year and asked herself 'what is it that makes us feel at home?'

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project details

Is it the sounds, the view out of the window, the shopkeepers...the last train thundering past and shaking the house at 2am....

People from around the world are sending in works describing their home, their environment and their journeys

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the contributors

Some are descriptions of journeys on bicycle or on foot; some documents describe the interior of the home...some about the experience of moving house...Benjamin Bohm and Debby Rebsch made a special journey to London from Stuttgart

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from Rene Schad in Chalon sur Saone, France

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photos from Hazel Jones and family who live in Cheshire in the north of England

Project curator: G Key
Gandha Key
6 Grenville Road
London N19 4EH