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Contact details:
Gandha Key, 6 Grenville Road, London N19 4EH, England

Project details:

The purpose of the project is to share a small but important, everyday part of our world with each other by taking a walk from our home into our neighbourhood / environment / landscape / cityscape...

How can I take part?

Send in a 'document' about where you live, either by writing down notes, or by taking photographs, or drawing and/or painting the journey and then sending your 'journey web document' to the address below.

Your journey can be on foot or by transport of some kind. It can be at night or in the day and take place over time or just one journey.

Where did the idea for this project come from?
We moved house this year to a new area - and it took me a long time to feel 'at home' here - so I asked myself the question:

What does it mean to feel 'at home' somewhere?

Is it the buildings, the people and the shopkeepers, the sounds and smells... How long does it take to feel 'at home' and what do we all share by living in our local communities that is important to us?

In our street there are small factories with their sounds of machines drilling, the smells of Greek food, the taxi driver with his cab filled with plastic flowers, the late night revellers and the noise of the trains at 2 in the morning...also the amazing skies from our window of the setting sun and the leaves turning orange as winter arrives...

Join in our project by documenting a journey in or around your home either using visual images and/or writing about it using any or all or none of the following....

MEDIA: You can submit the following types of media:

  • drawing
  • photograph
  • collage
  • poem
  • cartoon
  • doodle
  • book
  • letter/email
Deadline : there is no deadline at present

send your works to:
Gandha Key, The Journey Web, Top Flat, 6 Grenville Road, London N19 4EH, United Kingdom,
or by