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Countries in so far: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland (Eire), Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay, USA
Country Town/City Names with links to their pages
Belgium Sint-Niklaas

Sztuka Fabryka/Geert de Decker, Belgium
website: http://www.sztuka-fabryka.be/
Sztuka Fabryka's website has lots of information about Mail-Art, independent music and publications and lots of art activities

Brazil Rio Claro Jose Robert Sechi
Canada Ontario Deb O'Rourke,180 Niagara Street, Apt.412, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
email: milkweed@milkweedpatch.com
website: www.milkweedpatch.com

Vancouver Bill Thomson, Thanks to the mail art network Bill was told about this project by Patricia Collins (below).
Snooke, British Colombia

Schoolchildren from Edward Milne School, Snooke, British Colombia:

Madison, Brodie, Chris, David, Scott, Vanessa, Katie Sorenssen, Caitlin, Katie Schmid, Hal, Michelle, Erica, Sarah, Leigh-Ann - thanks to all the children for contributing to this project and to their teacher Natasha Toth!

Quebec Reg Cote, 12465 Avenue de Troyes, Quebec, Qc, G2A 3C9, Canada. Reg's son contributed an image to our last project: the Picasso ebook (www.zyarts.com/ebook)
Vernon, British Columbia Christine Kashuba
Robin MacDonald
Kim Densmore
Renee Woods
England Birmingham Justin Webb,
Stockport Hilary Jack

Michael, Hazel and Archie Leigh

Michael is a mail artist running the A1 Waste Paper Company in Cheshire, England. Michael's work can be seen at www.zyarts.com/zybooks/mleigh.html

Hull Philip Barnes, is a lecturer and photographer and is doing a project entitled Urban Tourism this summer in Hull, England
Norfolk Patricia Collins Patricia is an artist and mail artist who also makes artists' books.
London Roberto Scala, visiting London from Italy
London Natalie d'Arbeloff
Natalie is an artist who also makes books
London Gandha Key I have finally moved into a home with a view of the sky...You can see my earlier document showing the demolition of our house on another site at: www.zyarts.com/mywork/tollyway.html
London Ruth Catlow filmmaker, artist, internet artist and responsible with Marc Garrett for running the London-based website: www.furtherfield.org,
London Subs is a musician and sound designer who likes DADA, Fluxus, punk, and very wierd music!
France Lyon Vincent Courtois, 5 rue Rachais, 69007 Lyon - France, Vincent is a photographer
Chalon sur Saone Reine Shad is a mail artist, artist and teacher
Germany Stuttgart Benjamin Bohm and Debby Rebsch made a special journey to London for their document. Benjamin runs the Museum of Temporary Art - an online exhibit at www.museum-of-temporary-art.com - visit their project and contribute an object to the library
Berlin Friedrich Winnes

Angela and Peter Netmail

Angela and Peter are mail artists, their latest project is Make your own Euro, deadline 1 Aug 2002, write to them for info.

Varel, Nordsea Kalle - we live in the north of Germany near the Nordsea in a little town called Varel
Holland Vlinderveen Henk Van J Ooyen
Ireland County Galway Linda Cookson, an artist living in Oughterard, County Galway, Ireland
Israel Jerusalem Carina Grossmann, Amatzia 6/6, Jerusalem, Israel
Kiriat-Haim Alexeeva Natalia
Italy Milan Linda Pelati

Antonio Sassu, Torreglia, Italia. Antonio is part of a group in Italy working with multimedia installations and his work can be seen on the web in many places:

www.grupposinestetico.it (the main site for Antonio's Gruppo Sinestetico) email: sinestet.sassu@libero.it


Perugia Serse Luigetti

Giovanni Strada

Giovanni is a mail artist and always infuses his projects with his joy for life


Vittore Baroni

Vittore is a well known Italian mail artist.

Italy mail artist with no name
Japan Osaka

Ryosuke Cohen

Moriguchi City
Ryosuke Cohen is a mail artist in Japan

Tokyo Blancdesign
Tokyo Keiichi Nakamura
Lithuania Palanga

Gytis Skudzinskas

Gytis is a photographer and mail artist

Malta   Ruth Bianco
New Zealand Wellington Julian Royds

Anna Jacksonai

Poland Czestochowa Banka Lyszczarz
Romania Maramures

Mircea Bochis
Also at:

Baia Mare, 4800, Maramures, Romania.
website: Florean Museum http://www.cmc.ro/

Scotland Glasgow Anna Recasens
Spain Tarragona

Cesar Reglero Campos

Cesar sends me emails in Spanish which I barely understand I manage to reply using my pidgin Spanish

Barcelona Agustin Calvo
Sweden Malmo

Nicolas Hansson
Nicolas is an artist and video artist. His work can be seen at: www.kulturservern.se/nicolas

Turkey Kuloglu Aga Hamami Sinasi Gunes, website: simulasyon.net
Uruguay Montevideo

Clemente Padin

Clemente gives us a document about his visit to his nephew in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, unfortunately since Clemente sent this document his own city, Montevideo, has been going through the same problems as Buenos Aires....


Stephanie Rose Bird

"My stories chronicle my many homes, though it is set primarily where I currently live--the Midwestern part of the US in a suburb of Chicago called Oak Park, Illinois. Other places that have been important grounding sites in my life included in the stories: La Jolla, California, Alice Springs Australia, Glen Helen Gorge, Australia, Galiwinku (Elcho Island) Australia, Tokyo Japan and environs, Alloway, NJ, the Pine Barrens and Jersey Shore of Southern New Jersey USA".

USA Arizona buZ blurr
Armour, South Dakota Dan Buch


Carla Cryptic
Mountain View, California Jovani
New York Stephen Mead
Chicago Andrei Rabodzeenko
West Palm Beach, Florida Ron Concoma
Florida Marianne Romeo

Dewitt Young

Scott Thomas
Maryland Melissa Shatto
New York Mick Mather
New York City Bob Dombrowski
New York City Helen Levin

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