Name Country Town, City, State Visit the Room where the image or text work is situated
Unknown contributor USA   People
Ed Buddz USA Chicago Places
Helen McCarron UK Lincoln Childhood
Monica Fierro Argentina   Pictures
Linda Loughran Unknown   People
Sidney Tome Brazil Sao Paulo Pictures
Gail Whitter Canada   Stories
A. Broadhurst
England Norwich Childhood
Gandha Key England London Childhood
Michel della Vedova
France Limoges Pictures
Schoko Casana Rosso
Germany Berlin Pictures
Christian Mildbrandt
Germany Berlin Pictures
Bernard Zilling
Germany Berlin Pictures
Iara Simonetti Germany Munich Places
Norbert Venzke Germany Dusseldorf People
Ioanna Papachristou Greece Elassona Pictures
Fabio Sassi
Italy Bologna Childhood
Giovanni StraDADA Italy Ravenna People
Zlatko Krstevski Macedonia Prilep Places
The Green Cat Company Switzerland St Gallen Pictures
Sabriya Celik Turkey Istanbul People and Stories
Patricia Kamlutsch USA Ohio People
Roxanne Clark USA Kentucky People and Stories
Cindy Lou
USA   Places
Carlos Pozo USA Houston, Texas Places
Mary Graham
USA Ohio Childhood
Richard Canard USA Illinois Childhood
Ct. P.f. Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr USA Colorado People
Shmuel - Pataphysician USA Vermont Places
Jeremy Hight USA Studio City Places
Alana Perlin USA   People
Annijames Rivero Venezuela Aragua People
Luis Valera Escarre Venezuela Aragua People
Brendan Smart Venezuela   Stories