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Chapter 1: Women

Chapter 2: Sculpture

Chapter 3: Papier Colle

Chapter 4: Male Figures

Chapter 5 : New Media

Chapter 6: Text Works

the latest additions to the ebook



Title Artist
A Blue Period Amber MacLean, San Francisco Untitled Etienne Vermeir, Belgium
My Picasso selection Georgine Witta, Denmark My Picasso selection - 2 Georgine Witta, Denmark
Self portrait Kathryn Cleary, USA Self Portrait Katherine A. Mothershead, USA
Self Portrait Robin Schick, USA What is the real Picasso? Etienne Vermier, Belgium
A face I know well Marilyn Dammann, USA Der Kuss - The Kiss Brigitte Puschmann, Germany

Les demoiselles

Linda Pelati, Italy The Searcher Blanche D'Arbeloff, UK
Girl with Silver Cello Kiyotei, USA Lucille Ball stamps sent by Kiyotei, USA
Imagination Gynette Mercier, Canada Image (Beware of Little Sins) Gianni Simone, Japan
Society Girl Troy Kendal Self Portrait as Eve Barbara Franks-Morra, USA
Painted Labour Michael Hovancsek, USA Face (Fossil) Emily Holt, UK
The Yellow Lady Christopher English, UK The Unknown Woman sent by an unknown contributor
Netmail 2000 Petra Netmail and Don 
(Dawn) Redwood, Germany
Faces Sigal Avni, UK
Auto Graph Aine Scannell, UK The Lady of the Swing Paul Weisz-Carrington, USA
The Blue Lady Christopher English, UK Simba Ali Rice, UK
The Model Annabel Bottsa, UK The Artist's Wife John Walker, UK
A face that I love and loved Dr. P Fudsworth, USA Joker Jenny de Groot, Netherlands
Picez Kez Viola, Australia Tiamat Chris-Ann Kent, UK

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