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Images and Text Works submitted
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Chapter One:


  1. My selection of Picasso-inspired images, from Georgine Witta, Denmark
  2. Self portrait by Kathryn Cleary, USA
  3. Self portrait by Katherine A Mothershead, USA
  4. Self portrait by Robin Schick, USA
  5. Self portrait by Shayli Roiz, USA
  6. What is the real Picasso? by Etienne Vermeir, Belgium
  7. A face I know well, Marilyn Dammann, USA
  8. Les Demoiselles by Linda Pelati, Italy
  9. Girl with Silver Cello by Kiyotei, USA
  10. Imagination, Gynette Mercier, Canada
  11. Society Girl, Troy Kendal
  12. Painted Labour by Michael Hovancsek, USA
  13. The Yellow Lady by Christopher English, UK
  14. Netmail 2000 by Petra Netmail and
    Dawn (Don) Redwood, Germany and UK
  15. Auto Graph by Aine Scannell, UK
  16. The Blue Lady by Christopher English, UK
  17. The Model by Annabel Bottsa, UK
  18. A face that I love and loved by Dr P Fudsworth, USA
  19. Picez by Kez Viola, USA
  20. Der Kuss, The Kiss by Brigitte Puschmann, Germany
  21. The Searcher, Blanche d'Arbeloff, UK
  22. The Lucille Ball stamps sent by Kiyotei from the USA
  23. Self Portrait as Eve by Barbara Franks-Morra, USA
  24. Untitled (Beware of little sons), Gianni Simone, Japan
  25. Face (Fossil) by Emily Holt, UK
  26. The Unknown Woman by an anonymous contributor, USA
  27. Faces by Sigal Avni, UK
  28. The Lady of the Swing by Paul Weisz-Carrington, USA
  29. Simba by Ali Rice, UK
  30. The Artist's Wife by John Walker, UK
  31. Joker by Jenny de Groot, Netherlands
  32. Tiamat by Chris-Ann Kent, UK
Chapter Two:
  1. Nouvelle Tete de Taureau, R F Cote, Quebec, Canada
  2. Sculpture of Picasso by Tony Natsoulas
  3. Tom and Cutty, Eric Dever, USA
  4. New Hairdo by Jean Kusina, Ohio, USA
  5. Fire Sculpture by Robert Bradford, Bristol, UK
  6. Face from Hal Camplin, London, UK
  7. King and Queen: Image No.1 and No. 2 by Brunton Hunter, UK
  8. Cabot's Dog waiting patiently for his master to
    return from the high seas by Robert Bradford, Bristol, UK
  9. Head by Patricia Collins, London, UK
Chapter Three:
Paper Colle

  1. Vive La France 2000, mail art collage from Alan Turner,
    London, UK
  2. Des Licornes Rose by Thierry Tillier, Belgium
  3. Picasso from Martha Aitchison, UK
  4. Papier Colle from Bruno Sourdin, France
  5. Virtual Realite by Michael Leigh, UK
  6. Image from my family album by Peter McAdam, Tyne & Wear
  7. Pray for the Holy Picasso by Guy Bleus, Belgium
  8. Separate/Together  : an image created using
    the text in the poem by John Walker by Lawrence
    Upton, London, UK
Chapter Four:
Male Figures

  1. Self portrait by Timothy J Trivett, Jr, USA
  2. Picasso by Gemma Aguilar, Spain
  3. Ode to Picasso, Etienne Vermeir
  4. Dr Klaus Groh, Germany
  5. Pablo by Michael Leigh, UK
  6. Portrayal by Vinson Krehbiel, USA
  7. Face from JoeyKnow, USA
  8. Salut Pablo by Natalie d'Arbeloff, London, UK
  9. Minotaur Man by Gandha Key, London, UK
  10. Picasso from Simon Cote, Canada
  11. Kiyotei - Minotaur Man by Kiyotei, USA
  12. Amingus Amungus by Michael Cousin , USA
  13. White Face by Michael Cousin, USA
  14. Self Portrait by Miguel Jiminez, Seville, Spain
  15. Blue Minotaure by Gynette Mercier, Canada
  16. 120 years of Picasso by Shmuel, USA
  17. Picasso by Gemma Aguilar, Spain
  18. Mask by Susan Salas
  19. Picasso in his place by Rosemary Morison, UK
  20. Cubist Face by Denis Mizzi, Australia
  21. Cubist Image by Weef (David Smith), London, UK
  22. Face Off by Ian Pyper, Brighton, UK
  23. Bleu by Bruno Capatti, Italy
  24. Vive La France by ZLV Albatroz, France
  25. Self Portrait by Igor Stevanovic, Belgrade
  26. Bad Day : Self Portrait by Nathan Taylor, USA
  27. 120 years of Picasso by Shmuel, USA
  28. Picasso thinks by Jon Rankin, Paisley, UK
Chapter Five:
New Media

  1. Image from Mnemonic by Patrick Lears, London, UK
  2. My wild side self portrait by Shayli Roiz, USA
  3. Two Portraits - these images are composites of images from the ebook by Ron Rozewski
  4. DISSociate, by Lars Pedersen, Denmark
  5. Face, by Tamara Lai, Belgium
  6. There were footsteps in the sand (1) Anna Recasens, Spain and Glasgow
  7. There were footsteps in the sand (2) Anna Recasens, Spain and Glasgow
  8. Fractal Face by Kiyotei, USA
  9. Fruit by Marc Garrett, UK
  10. Future Face by David of Abracadabra, UK
  11. Practising with my New Mac
    by Natalie d'Arbeloff, London, UK
  12. Faces by Sztuka Fabryka, Belgium
  13. Image for the ebook by Sol Nte, UK
  14. Another image for the ebook by Sztuka Fabryka, Belgium
  15. Claudette Simon by Paul Birkinshaw, UK
  16. Parents 2 by Louise Levergneaux, Canada
  17. Numeric Drawing by Gynette Mercier, Canada
  18. Sarah Jackson's Three Women, Nova Scotia, Canada
  19. Orange
  20. Outer Limits
  21. Black
Chapter Six:
Text works

  1. Made for Kissing Mae West, drawing with text by Daniel Boyer, USA
  2. Deacons and Beehives - Graffiti work by Howie Bagley, USA
  3. Text work by Shmuel, USA
  4. Autograph  a short story by Aine Scannell, UK
  5. Ubu cartoon by Shmuel, USA
  6. The Artist's Wife , a poem by John Walker, UK
  7. Reflections a poem by Elizabeth Tate, UK
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