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Chapter Three


Chapter 1 : Women

Chapter 2 : Sculpture
Chapter 3: Papier Colle
Chapter 4: Male Figures
Chapter 5 : New Media
Chapter 6: Text Works

the latest additions to the ebook

Title Artist


Photo-Collage Bruno Chiarlone, Italy  
Brainstorming Rosemary Blanch, Australia  
Mail art collage Alan Turner, UK  
Des Licorne Roses Thierry Tillier, France  
Picasso Martha, UK  
Viva Picasso Bruno Sourdin, France
Virtual Realite Michael Leigh, UK  
Image from my family album Peter McAdam, Scotland  
Pray for the Holy Picasso Guy Bleus, Belgium  
Separate/Together Lawrence Upton, UK  

The term 'Papier Colle' includes collage both
made by hand and collage/image/text
works produced on a computer

The Picasso e-book project
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