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Chapter 5 : New Media


Chapter 1: Women
this chapter
Chapter 3: Papier Colle
Chapter 4: Male Figures
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Chapter 6: Text Works

the latest additions to the ebook

Title Artist
An image drawn with my mouse Frank Odette, Australia
This is your Self Portrait Allan Revich, New York, USA
Image from 'Mnemonic' Patrick Lears, UK
Etienne's 2003 Contribution Etienne Vermeir
My wild side self portrait Shayli Roiz, USA
Two portraits Ron Rozewski
DISSociate Lars Pedersen, Denmark
Face Tamara Lai, Belgium
There were footsteps in the sand - 1 Anna Recasens, Catalonia
There were footsteps in the sand - 2 Anna Recasens, Catalonia
Fractal Face Kiyotei, USA
Fruit Marc Garrett, UK
Future Face David of Abracadabra, UK
Practising with my new Mac Natalie d'Arbeloff, UK
Faces Szutka Fabryka, Belgium
Image for the ebook Sol Nte, UK
Another image for the ebook Szutka Fabryka, Belgium
Claudette Simon Paul Birkinshaw, UK
Parents 2 Louise Levergneux, Canada
A numeric drawing Gynette Mercier, Canada
Three Women : Sarah Jackson, Nova Scotia

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