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Thanks to rhizome.org for adding the Picasso ebook to the Art Lab!

March Kevin Friend, Indiana, USA Male Figures Face
July Aymar Sandhaus, Florida Male Figures Two male figures inspired by the works of Picasso
2005 - 2007      
March 2007 Frank Odette, Australia New Media An image drawn with my mouse
January 2007 Etienne Vermeir, Belgium Women Untitled image of a woman
29 May 2005 Bruno Chiarlone, Italy Papier Colle Photo-collage
August 2005 Allan Revich New Media It's Your Self Portrait!
April 2005 Valle Vista Elementary School Male Figures a selection of images
2003 - 04
29 May 04 Patrick Lears, London, UK New Media An image from Mnemonic
22 Nov 03 Amber MacLean, USA Women A Blue Period
18 July 03 Georgine Margareta Witta, Denmark Women My selection of Picasso images
17 June 03 Rosemary Blanch, Australia Papier Colle Brainstorming
13 April 03 Ken Dallaston, Australia Male Figures I create; I know
25 Feb 03 Etienne Vermeir, Belgium New Media Etienne's 2003 contribution
22 Jan 03

Elgin Bolling, USA

Male Figures One I know, One I created
3 Dec Shayli Roiz, USA New Media My Wild Side Self Portrait
15 Nov Timothy Trivett, Jr, USA Male Figures Self Portrait
15 Nov Katherine Mothershead Women My Picasso Wild Side Self Portrait
15 Nov Kathryn Cleary Women My Picasso Wild Side Self Portrait
11 Nov Robin Schick, USA Women My Wild Side Self Portrait
26 April Martha Aitchison, England Papier Colle Picasso
29 March Gemma Aguilar, Spain Male Figures Picasso
23 March Lars Pedersen, Denmark New Media DISSociate
22 March Tamara Lai, Belgium New Media Face
19 March Ron Rozewski New Media Two portraits - composites of images in the ebook
11 Dec Etienne Vermeir, Belgium Women What is the real Picasso?
1 Dec Daniel C Boyer, USA Text works Made for Kissing Mae West
18 Nov Etienne Vermeir, Belgium Male Figures Ode to Picasso
16 Nov R F Cote, Quebec, Canada Sculpture Nouvelle Tete de Taureau 2 and 3
16 Nov Simon Cote, Quebec, Canada Male Figures Picasso
9 Oct Tony Natsoulas Sculpture Sculpture of Picasso
9 Oct Brigitte Puschmann, Germany Women Der Kuss - The Kiss
1 Oct Shmuel, USA Male Figures 120 years of Picasso
25 Sep Marilyn Dammann, USA Women A face I know well
25 Sep Linda Pelati, Italy Women Les Demoiselles
19 Sep Blanche d'Arbeloff, UK Women The Searcher
27 Aug Kiyotei, USA Women Girl with Silver Cello
27 Aug Kiyotei, USA Women The Lucille Ball stamps from Kiyotei, USA 34 cents
6 Aug Susan Salas Male Figures Mask
5 Aug Anna Recasens, Catalonia and Glasgow New Media There were footsteps in the sand (1) and (2)
4 Aug Gynette Mercier, Canada Women Imagination
4 Aug Kiyotei, USA Male Figures

Kiyotei has changed Minotaur Man - an original image by Gandha Key

29 Jul Troy Kendal, USA Women Society Girl
9 Jul Howie Bagley, USA Text works Deacons and Beehives (Graffiti)
1 Jul Eric Dever, USA Sculpture Tom and Cutty
25 Jun Marc Garrett, UK New Media Fruit
18 Jun Gianni Simone, Japan Women Untitled (Beware of little Sins)
1 Jun Klaus Groh, Germany Male Figures 120 years of Picasso : 2 faces
29 May Denis Mizi, USA Male Figures Cubist Face
20 Mar Barbara Franks-Morra, USA Women Self Portrait as Eve
16 Mar Vinson Krehbiel, USA Male Figures Portrayal
5 Mar Gynette Mercier, Canada Male Figures Blue Minotaur in Texture with Rose
25 Jan Sean Woodward, UK Male Figures Sean has changed Minotaur Man
10 Jan Lawrence Upton, London, UK Papier Colle Lawrence created Separate/Together
an image using the text in
John Walker's poem
16 Jan Hal Camplin, USA Sculpture Face
10 Jan Louise Levergneaux, Canada New Media Parents 2

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