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To find any of these artists' works - please go to the sitemap page and do a name search - you will then be led to the chapter of the ebook where their work is

  1. Gemma Aguillar, Spain
  2. Martha Aitchison, England. Martha is an artist, mail artist and poet. Her website is at http://www.nottwo.demon.co.uk . She runs mail art projects in England under the name of The Shopping Trolley Gallery and some of these projects can be seen on the walls of Cafe Prov in Camberwell, London, UK
  3. Victor Atman, USA
  4. Sigal Avni
  5. Howie Bagley, is an artist working with abstract/calligraphic/graffiti type images. He lives in the USA.
    You can see some of Howie's unusual posters at this website: www.lowbar.com/posters
  6. Paul Birkinshaw, Pontefract, West Yorks United Kingdom
  7. Rosemary Blanch, Doncaster, Victoria, Australia.
  8. Guy Bleus, The Administration Centre, T.A.C. 42.292. PO Box 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium,
    Guy Bleus is well known on the mail art circuit both on and offline for his many projects
  9. Elgin Bolling, USA
  10. Daniel C Boyer, Houghton, MI, USA
  11. Annabel Boltsa London N19, United Kingdom. Annabel is a painter and art teacher.
  12. Robert Bradford, Bristol, United Kingdom.
    Robert is a sculptor based in England and is famous for his outdoor works and fire sculptures
  13. Hal Camplin, London
  14. Bruno Capatti, Italy
    website: http://digilander.iol.it/wwwart/AH
  15. Bruno Chiarlone, Cairo Montenotte, Italy. Bruno Chiarlone is a mail artist and runs the Progressive Museum of Invisible Art , email: fondinvisibile@virgilio.it
  16. Kathryn Cleary USA.
  17. Pat Collins, London, United Kingdom.  Patricia is an artist and mail artist.
  18. Simon Cote, Quebec, Canada
  19. R F Cote, Quebec
  20. Michael Cousin is a video artist.
  21. David of Abracadabra
  22. Ken Dallaston, Bray Park, Queensland, Australia
  23. Marilyn Dammann, USA
  24. Blanche d'Arbeloff, painter, UK. Blanche became a painter at age 93, she was Natalie's mother, see below.
  25. Natalie d'Arbeloff, London United Kingdom.  Natalie
    is a London based artist, poet, teacher and makes artists books  
  26. Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka c/o Geert De Decker, Kerkstraat 290, 9140 Tielrode, Belgium
    website: http://www.dma.be/p/amphion/sztuka/ a website involved in the promotion of international independent music, art and publications
  27. Dewi, Toronto, Canada.
  28. Eric Dever, sculptor in New York, USA. You can see more of Eric's work at www.ericdever.com
  29. Christopher English, Loughborough, Leicestershire United Kingdom.  Christopher is a painter and poet. You can see his work at:
  30. Sztuka Fabryka is a group based in Belgium see Geert De Decker above.
  31. Dr P Fudsworth, ZTZU Art Federation, PO Box 96e, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA
  32. Barbara Franks-Morra, Texas, USA
  33. Kevin Friend, Postal Artist, West Lafayette, USA. Also known as Dr Toast, Postal Artist-DJ
  34. Marc Garrett, Marc is part of an online project: www.furtherfield.org and is involved with many multimedia projects in the UK and elsewhere.
  35. Dr Klaus Groh Heidedamm 6, D-26188 Edewecht, Germany
  36. Jenny de Groot, The Netherlands
  37. Emily Holt, London UK. Emily Holt works with animation, creature
    design and production, special effects, sculpture and more of her work can be seen at:
    www.axisarts.org.uk and www.londonart.co.uk
  38. Michael Hovancsek, You can see Michael's work at: http://gallery.passion4art.com/members/mikehovancsek/index.html
  39. Brunton Hunter, United Kingdom, website: www.huntergatherer.freeserve.co.uk
  40. Sarah Jackson, Sarah is an artist based in Novia Scotia
  41. Miguel Jiminez, Seville, Spain
    Miguel is a mail artist.
  42. Jon, Paisley,Lancs, United Kingdom
  43. Troy Kendal is an artist from San Francisco, USA
  44. Chris-Ann Kent, Rochester, United Kingdom
  45. Gandha Key, London, United Kingdom. Gandha is an artist, photographer and website designer.
  46. Joey Know, USA
  47. Vinson Krehbiel, Digital artist and potter, USA
  48. Jean Kusina, Fremont, USA. Jean is an artist and sculptor
  49. Kiyotei, Carlsbad, USA.  Kiyotei's Den : http://art.net/~kiyotei/mailart/
  50. Michael Leigh,  Northwich, Cheshire United Kingdom
    Michael Leigh is a mail artist and runs the A1 Waste Paper Company.  You can see his work by
    visiting the Zybooks artists books on line website: http://www.zyarts.com/zybooks/mleigh2.html
  51. Tamara Lai, Belgium
  52. Patrick Lears, London, UK. Patrick is a photo-artist working with collage and assemblage
  53. Louise Levergneux is a French Canadian artist working with digital images
  54. Amber MacLean, San Francisco, USA
  55. Peter McAdam, Tyne and Wear UK.
    Peter McAdam works with digital photography, collage, sound and vision.
  56. Gynette Mercier, Quebec, Canada. Gynette's works can be seen at:http://www.cam.org/~artotek
  57. Denis Mizzi, Sydney, Australia
  58. Rosemary Morison, Cumbria UK.
    Rosemary is a painter based in the North of England. Rosemary is a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, UK. She has received prizes at the Waterstones/Transworld Publishing Book Art event;
    Fish Art Prize, Eire and has exhibited in Poland at the Majdanek 2000 exhibition and the 1999
    Singer/Friedlander Sunday Times Exhibition.
  59. Katherine Mothershead, Colonial Beach High School, USA
  60. Tony Natsoulas. Tony's website is http://www.tonynatsoulas.com
  61. Sol Nte, Sol is involved with Fluxus art projects in the UK
  62. Petra Netmail and Dawn Redwood, Kulturzentrum Buz, Johhaniskirshhof, D-32423 Minden, Germany
  63. Ian Pyper, Brighton . Ian's art work is in many worldwide collections.
  64. Lars Pedersen, Denmark. Lars is a multimedia student.
  65. Linda Pelati, Milan, Italy
  66. John Rankin, John's work can be seen at: http://www.geocities.com/jon_artuk/
  67. Anna Recasens, is an artist and art teacher from Catalonia, Spain living in Glasgow for the past 3 years
  68. Allan Revich is a digital artist from Toronto, Canada. More work can be seen at his website: http://www.digitalsalon.com
  69. Ali Rice, (B.A.Hons) Rosetor, The Common, Baddesley Ensor, Nr Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2BT, UK. Ali is a UK based painter and freelance designer
  70. Shayli Roiz, Colonial Beach High School, USA
  71. Ron Rozewski
  72. Susan Salas, "Picasso has had quite an influence in my art work since I was 10 years old!. You can see more of Susan's work at www.susanstonesalas.com
  73. Aine Scannell, London , United Kingdom. Aine is an artist and teacher
  74. Robin Schick, USA
  75. Shmuel, Vermont Pataphysical Association, PO Box 1253, Brattleboro, VT 05302, USA
    Shmuel is a pataphysician and mail artist.
  76. Gianni Simone is a mail artist living in Japan.
  77. David Smith (Weef), London United Kingdom. Weef is an artist/illustrator and works for the London Times.
  78. Bruno Sourdin, Saint Lo, France
    Bruno is an artist working with collage, mixed media and mail art projects
  79. Igor Stevanovic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
  80. Tao the artist
  81. Elizabeth Tate, United Kingdom
  82. Nathan Taylor, more of Nathan's work can be seen at http://www.natalukas.com
  83. Thierry Tillier, Belgium. Thierry is an artist, maker of artists' books and has been working with collage/papier colle for many years.
  84. Timothy J. Trivett, USA
  85. Alan Turner, London, United Kingdom.  Alan is a mail artist.
  86. Unknown person from Steiben , M.I.(?), USA
  87. Lawrence Upton, UK based poet and artist. Recent visual poetry Game online (PaperBrain Press, USA), Recent linear poetry Meadows (2000, Writers Forum, UK), Co-edited Word Score Utterance Choreography in visual and verbal poetry (1998, Writers Forum). Lawrence is famous in England for his active poetry events in conjunction with many other poets and artists. He organises active poetry events in London, UK
  88. Etienne Leonard Vermeir, Belgium, Flanders email: leonardootje@hotmail.com
  89. Kez Viola, Australia. Kez Viola runs a website of Free Graphics,
    Fonts and lots of other things: http://worldzone.net/art/kezviola
  90. John Walker, Woking United Kingdom
  91. Paul Weisz-Carrington, USA
  92. Georgine Margareta Witta Kiessling Smith Jensen, Spilkammaret, Sct. Hansgade 20, DK 4000 Roskilde, Denmark, Georgine has her own website at www.picturediary.dk
  93. Sean Woodward Sean is a mail artist, digital artist, website designer and his work can be seen at http://planetdada.tripod.com,
  94. Valle Vista Elementary School, Albuquerque, New Mexico - various images from the children at this school who were working on a Picasso project
  95. ZLV Albatroz, B.P. 404, 75969 Paris Cedex 20, France

All of the above contributors can be contacted via their email/postal addresses or by writing to this site at:


the Picasso ebook, 6 Grenville Road, London N19 4EH, United Kingdom
Site Owner: Gandha Key (Ms)


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