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Auto-Graph  by Aine Scannell

As I look at you now you do not exist.

You are represented to me objectively by a virtual representation and subjectively through my own emotional aesthetic projections with the use of pigments and water.

Through your placement onto digital software it has been possible to alter and 'touch' the appearance of your face. In reality I have never seen your face nor shall I.

Hence this is a representation of a non face. This is an 'unknown'.

This is the saddest face of all. It is denied to me through your actions with the states blessing. This is legislated for. It is legitimate that I should not be able to see the creator of my own image.

Social mores and values dictated that context of 'non -identity'. The irony of it all is that I repeated the process.

This was as a consequence of the alienation I felt in not knowing who I was. I only know your name 'a word'. I know your God fearing land the ground from which you came. I dug deeply to find some remains some traces some connections .

Your voice spoke through another - "I cannot know you now you are a memory to me", So I dug deeper and buried myself in rage disbelief and hatred.

Eventually I emerged for air, to take in those faces in which I could find myself to paint another reflection.


Aine Scannell's image submission can be viewed in the Women
Chapter entitled " Auto Graph"

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