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Mail Art Project; theme: Indulgence

We invite artists to submit work for a mail art project that will be exhibited from January 20-February 24, 2010. The theme for the exhibition is “indulgence”. All interpretations of the concept indulgence are welcomed. Submissions have to be postcards of any size or shape as long as they can be send through the US postal services or the post office in the country of origin. They must have traveled through the post! If you wanted to do a series over a number of days that would be great. Any techniques or media are welcome.

We accept submission from January 20-February 24, 2010.

Please note that all submissions will not be returned so please send copies of work.

Please send work to:
Mail Art/B. Reinhardt/Photography Club
PCA 1P-203
College of Staten Island/CUNY
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, New York 10314

A Mail Art Show

Hosted by The ArtPost Shanty: The Official Postal Shanty of the Art Shanty Projects 2010
Work on display Jan. 16-Feb. 7, 2010; Work accepted anytime after Dec. 1, 2009
1) The theme of the show is “ART ON ICE II” (So, go wild!)
2) Art work should be no larger than 6” x 8” (NOTE: 4 1/4” x 6” is the largest size if you want to use a postcard stamp.)
3) All work will be shown January 16-February 7, 2010 inside the ArtPost Shanty of the Art Shanty Projects 2010.
Temperatures can dip to -20F/-29C at night during a cold winter. The shanties are only heated when occupied. http://www.artshantyprojects.org/artists (If the number of works exceeds available space, we will ask another shanty to host the additional works.)
4) There is no fee to be in the exhibition, but mail art will not be returned. It will become part of the historical record of the ArtPost Shanty.
5) Include your email address, as the show catalog will be sent via email ONLY. Include your snail mail address if you wish to be included in the mailing list for the catalog.
6) Please Note: Families with children visit the shanty project. Please take that into consideration in creating your work. (But, don’t hold back on irony, sarcasm, politics, humor etc.!)
7) Our plan is to install works as soon as we assemble the shanty. So, please send your art early so it can be installed before opening day (January 16, 2010)

Jill Waterhouse, Mistress of the Post
The ArtPost Shanty
P.O. Box 7364
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Honoring the Shadow

The Shadow is a psychological term introduced by the late Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. It is everything in us that is repressed, undeveloped and denied, both dark and light. The shadow represents all that the conscious person does not wish to acknowledge within themselves. Jung emphasized the importance of being aware of shadow material and incorporating it into conscious awareness. Otherwise we project these attributes onto others.
Honor your shadow by giving it visual form.
All mediums are welcome.
Deadline: December 31 2010.
Artworks will be permanently displayed on my website.
Send to:
Honoring the Shadow
c/o David Aronson
3330 Dogwood Dr.
Willow Grove, PA 19090

Theme: The Owl

free size. no return
deadline 25/08/2010
all works must be sent by post
dont’ forget your photo, some lines of biography, address and e-mail address
send to: The Owl, By Claudio Grandinetti,
Via Popilia Palazzo Manna 1, 87100 Cosenza, ITALIA

Mail art project name: Cancer Can Be Beaten
Type: Open
Media allowed: Any
Deadline: Ongoing, but please see website for details.
Details at: http://mailart2.com/ A project designed to put the positive energy of mail art into the hands of people currently battling cancer. The website is a resource for connecting individuals who want to receive mail art with mail artists who have themselves beaten cancer, or, who simply want to share their support.

Submitted work will be scanned and placed on the website. No returns, no printed documentation.

Small format (10 x 15 cms)
Technique: free (if he is digital to send printed copy)
Deadline: february 2010
the sent works (without return) will be published in this blog: http://osile.blogspot.com
and http://elautorretrato.blogspot.com

by each sent work another one will be sent
Eliso Ignacio Silva
Apartado 67011
Caracas 1061 - Venezuela

We like to quote one of the pioneer mail artists Robert Rehfeldt: "Your idea helps my idea, our ideas help the ideas of others", because we think that both cooperation and dialogue can generate something new and beautiful.

Open to all. This mail art project invites you to find alternative ways to use a postcard.

Please follow the following rules for this project:
Size: rectangular card of 10x15 cm on the longest side
Media: The Mail Art postcard must be created with one or more photographs in any way that you like.

On the back please write a short text: a thought, a message, a poem...

The postcard must have a signature, and if possible also your name, so that we can create a list of the participating artists. The postcard must also contain the written date.

Choice of subject is free. There will be no selection procedure.

Participation is free, but the artist takes the responsibility that the Mail Art postcard will be correctly sent through the postal service of his/her own country.
It is possible to send more than one Mail Art postcard or to create a series reassembled from a single work. Please inform us if you intend to do so!All works will be published on the website www.officinadelleimmagini.net. This will increase the value of the projectand will contribute to the final show of all the received postcards, which will be organized in an exhibition space.
Deadline: 25 - 05 - 2010

Please send your Mail Art postcard(s) to: Officina delle Immagini, Casella Postale 6133, 00195 Roma, Italy

8th International Exhibition of Mail Art organized by "Larzac Village d'Europe"


* the Voyage
* the Birds
* the Tree,
* the Water,
* the Butterflies,
* the Hand

the theme of 2009 is the Bicycle. We hope for your participation
No deadline mentioned

Larzac Village d'Europe, Route de Saint Pierre, 34520 - Le CAYLAR, France

Cafes around the world mail art project You are invited to contribute a picture of your favourite cafe, tea house, coffee bar, snack bar to this art project
Send a postcard size image,photograph, drawing, collage, art work, poem, textwork, or an actual postcard of your town, tea house, cafe, coffee bar ..And tell me about it...

  • Why you go there?
  • Who do you meet?
  • What do you drink?
  • What can you see out of the window?
  • Where is it?

Media: Any
All images will be shown online later
Size: 15 cm x 11 cm (roughly postcard or envelope size)
Deadline: 31 December 2010

Send to: Gandha Key, Cafes around the world art project, 6 Grenville Road, Islington, London N19 4EH, United Kingdom

FLUXUS NOW! mail art and fluxus have been closely connected for over 40 years. as a celebration and exploration of the continuing vitality of both practices we are planning a mail art exhibit entitled FLUXUS NOW!. please send visual poems, soundworks, fluxus boxes, event scores, objects, images, books, booklets, TLPs, broadsides, manifestos, videos, and any other fluxus materials you find and/or create. critiques of this proposal are also welcome and will be included in the exhibit.

the exhibit will be presented as a part of the 2010 roanoke marginal arts festival.

dates for the festival are february 11 - 16, 2010
the deadline for submissions is february 1, 2010.

Size/Medium/Technique: Free
No jury. No fees. No returns.
Documentation: on Flickr, the blog zine textimagepoem, and as a pdf of the blog zine (please include your email address for notification of documentation)

all work will become part of the textimagepoem archive of mail art and visual poetry.

send mail to: jim leftwich, 525 10th st s.w., roanoke, va 24016, usa, or jimleftwich@gmail.com


Pinhole Litter Project Details: Participants wanted to take part in; a collaborative pinhole project to clean up and re-engage with our surroundings, and learn about the art of pinhole photography. Later these cans will take photographs of the environment they where found in, the aim is to replace litter with a creative vision, the cans are later recycled.

Benefits: A great opportunity to take part in a global project that will culminate in participants work shown on a website and series of books.
Deadline: Ongoing.
Contact: Jamie House j_aime_h@yahoo.co.uk

1. Pick up a can,
2. Document the place you found it, (as a digital jpeg file 72dpi and e-mail it to me) Include details of Date Location and country.
3 Send the can in the post with return postage and your address to:
Pinhole Litter Project, 1 oxford Villas, St Stephens, Saltash PL12 4AP
4. I will convert the can into a pinhole camera, and send it back to you.
5. When you receive the camera, place the can in the original spot you found it.
6. Open the black tape shutter, (don’t touch camera whilst exposing) and expose for 40secsonds in direct sunlight or 4 minutes on an overcast day or in the shade.
5. Place the shutter back on, and send the camera back to me for processing of image.

Send one postcard with a special stamp from your town

No deadline

TO: Miche-Art-Universalis, Steenweg op Beerse, 9, 2330 Merksplas, Belgium

Theme: Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France

18c French Revolution, Baroque and Rococo Style, Castle of Versailles, Dress, Splendour and Pomp, The Regency Period

Art, Envelope and Work
Size and Medium Free
No deadline
Documentation to all

Send your participation to: Saartje Stiers, Graaf Van Egmontstraat 36, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

My Art Envelope

Theme: artistic, fantastic, special, mysterious, love...
Size and Medium: free
Provisional no Deadline (received by us Jan 2009)
Send to: Miche-Art-Universalis, Steenweg of Beerse, 9, 2330 Merksplas, Belgium

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