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CONTRIBUTORS who have sent in images of their favourite cafes and tea houses
from around the world
Name of the contributor
Argentina   Two collages Marcelo Juan Valenti
Belgium Brussels Goudblommeken van Papier Guido Vermeulen
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Black and white postcard Carlos Zurck Cruz
Canada Collingwood, Ontario Zencha Tea Bar - Kevin Halligan's favourite tea bar Kevin Halligan
Quebec Le The Coffee House Raymonde Furlotte
British Columbia Serious Coffee Snappy
Toronto Sketch of people in a cafe Dewi
Estonia Tallin Cafe Moscow in Tallinn Ben Overdevest
Finland Palkane Paul Tiilila's dining room Paul Tiilila
France Saint-Lo Bruno Sourdin's Cafe on the Moon Bruno Sourdin
Britanny Cafe Yveline Ti Ar Raden
Paris A Paris cafe visited by Frances Haney Frances H. Haney (USA)
Germany Harzer Strasse, Berlin Heilige Joanna Coffee House Schoko Casana Rosso
Greece Nea Ionia, Athens Batik work Zeygaridou Emmanouela
Paros Island Flying Zorba's Cafe C Lon
Thessaloniki Hotel Evriki Restaurant Cafe Katerina Nikoltsou
Nepheli Roof top cafe Katerina Nikoltsou
Italy Brescia Marina Borghetti's coffee bar in her home Marina Borghetti
Masa Lubrense Three drawings Roberto Scala
Venice Caffe Florian Contessa Tiziana Baracchi
Piazza San Marco Michel Della Vedova
Perugia Collage postcard Serse Luigetti
Napoli Mexico Cafe Alfonso Caccavale
Caserta La Filastrocca del Caffe Angela Caporaso
Ravenna Il Baretto alternative bar Linda Pelati
IOUMA Mail art website Raden sent an image from IOUMA, the online mail art website Raden
Japan Sapporo A drawing - etegami - of Rokkatei (Six Flower-Depot) - a sweets and coffee shop dosankodebbie
Mexico Durango Cafe Cucurumbe Juan Rodriguez Lopez
Netherlands Middelburg Cafe de Branding Ko de Jonge
Norway Oslo Cafe of the World Jaromir Svozilik
Philippines Paranaque City Oil crayon image Frederick Epistola
Poland Pruszkow Dede's favourite cafe Dede van der Roove
Cafe Radio Dede van der Roove
Portugal Sines Cana Verde Cafe Eduardo Cardoso
Spain Valladolid Eh Voila Creperie Celia G-Castano
Teruel Photograph of Teruel by Ana Pobo Castaner Ana Pobo Castaner
A Coruna Painting Carlos Botana
Rojales Shenanigans Irish Bar Nula Horo
Zaragoza Biscuit wrappers Pedro Bericat
Switzerland   Networker Hotel PWK
United Kingdom Cheshire

The Cafe of Earthly Delights

Michael Leigh

London Story about a cafe visit Simon Warren
London Holloway Road cafes Gandha Key
USA Unknown Cafe A drawing from Marlee Marlee Belmonte
San Mateo Artwork Postcard of Holly's favourite cafe Holly Fowler
Oakland Get A Sushi and Bento card Fleur Helsingor
Sacramento Tower Cafe postcard - no name Tower Cafe
St Paul Postcard and homage Joseph M Heffron
St Petersburg See-through packet from Starbucks with lots of nice things inside Jennifer Zoellner
Oxford, Ohio Cafe Kofenya Elise McWilliams
Dyersburg C. Lon's own espresso machine C. Lon
San Francisco Espresso Yo Self artwork Meleina Hancock
St Louis South City Diner, St Louis, Mo, USA Keith Buchholz